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We pride ourselves on providing courses which are individual in every sense, and at every stage.
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Welcome to ELT Executive English - Professional English Language Training

robert howley
Robert JP Howley
In the last 20 years I have supervised - and taught on - courses for people from some of the world's top international companies.

The people I teach come from every area of business - finance, marketing, legal, HR, production, IT, sales, customer service and R&D. And my work extends beyond the corporate market - I have also taught architects, diplomats, solicitors, flight attendants, teachers, chefs, musicians and tour guides (not to mention the occasional sommelier and fighter pilot).

What these very different people have in common, of course, is their (or their boss'!) desire to improve their English. I am happy to say that all my clients feel that they have not only improved their English language skills, they have also enjoyed themselves at the same time. This is very much my philosophy - to provide expert, professional training in a friendly and relaxed environment. I hope this section of the website will give you the information you need.
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