Student Testimonials

I'm proud of the feedback I have got from students - so make no apology for providing a large selection!
I studied at ELT from January to May 2016. I liked the school, the teachers and the way in which they taught. When the school closed I decided to attend Quartet classes with Rob. That was even better as I got more attention and I could focus on those areas which I really needed. Rob’s methodology is very dynamic and focuses on the why, how and when rather than a mechanical and grammatical one. Moreover, we worked very hard on my CV presentation and cover letter, which helped me to find a new job in a good school.
Cristina Hernandez Campa30 July 2017
I’m really satisfied with the course – my English has improved a lot, and also I passed the Cambridge exam which was my goal from the beginning. The groups are just 4 people so you are always involved, the teacher adapts to what you need/want to learn and focuses on your weaknesses. Mine, like every Spanish student, was pronunciation and thanks to many exercises, Rob managed to help me a lot. I’m really grateful and am going do another Quartet course next term!
Mandy Aracama23 June 2017
Rob is an amazing teacher, I learnt a lot with him during my 3 months in his class, and wish I could have had more courses with him. He is funny and will help you to learn English and once you manage with the basics, to go further in your understanding of the English language. Highly recommended !
Joy MoisyUpper Intermediate Quartet
It was a great course, and Rob is an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed using Quizlet for vocabulary, and the worksheets he gave us every week were really good for my grammar.
Magdalena AngloherUpper Intermediate Quartet
What I really liked was the way Rob always encouraged us to make the language we learned real. And because it was such a small group we got plenty of individual practice.
Sophie LehnerUpper Intermediate Quartet