Student Testimonials

I'm proud of the feedback I have got from students - so make no apology for providing a large selection!

1 to 1, 2 to 1 and Professional English

Gabriella Lessa
I had a fantastic experience with Rob on a 2 to 1 Business English course. Throughout the course my language development was impressive. I believe that what differentiates this experience from any other previous course is that Rob helped me to draw on my personal strengths in order to improve my presentation skills. Our course sessions were challenging, fun and enriching and helped me gain the confidence I needed to further grow in my career in the UK.
Clara Tent
I had 1 to 1 English lessons with Rob once a week. His way of teaching is creative and innovative; always paying attention to filling my grammar gaps and improving my pronunciation. Learning with Rob has been really enjoyable and I have felt always supported and really lucky to have Rob as my English teacher.
Irene Bitunjac
I really enjoyed the time I spent at ELT. I followed a customized program designed by Dr Robert Howley, which combined an Advanced Quartet with 1-1 lessons focussing on my work in University Administration. In addition to classical methods of learning, we also used mobile applications, which made learning more interesting and interactive. The course included a discussion of the culture and history of London as well as the political constitution and history of Great Britain. This way of teaching included several new approaches to learning the English language, which made it an unforgettable and very useful experience for me. I would definitely recommend it!
Paolo Cappellacci
The 2 to 1 course I followed was very helpful – firstly, it fixed a few grammatical points that I was using incorrectly. Rob was super kind and prepared a lot of information/summaries and tables to cover a few key points connected with my writing. He also reviewed my emails quite often and promptly and provided practical insight. Recording and analysing my presentation was very useful to understand rhythm, pauses and stresses which are sometimes different from Italian. So overall my feedback is very positive, and I can’t find negatives.
Marie DC
Along with a colleague, I did a 10-hour 2 to 1 course with Rob as we wanted to improve our English for our work. We mainly focused on Business English/email/copywriting style to feel more comfortable in coming across well to clients. He definitely helped us to write better emails, improved our grammar and developed our telephone skills. Rob also has a great sense of humour and it was a real pleasure to attend each single session. Highly recommended!
Tokiko Shimizu
I have worked with Rob Howley on a number of occasions and really appreciate his skills and advice. He has helped me enormously with the preparation of presentations I have made to numerous senior officials. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a competent English language tutor.
Charlotte Talon
I took a course of 2 to 1 English lessons with Rob for more than a year and I can’t recommend him enough. The content of the lessons was very varied, he was very attentive to what I expected from the lessons (sounds obvious but it’s not always the case with private teacher). He is super skillful and always very accommodating to organise the sessions. We worked a lot but always in a very enjoyable environment, he has a very good sense of humour and always has a lot of great stuff to recommend (British books, TV Shows, movies,…). More importantly, I’ve improved a lot my writing and speaking skills, so I’m super happy (and my company as well :-)) 5 stars out of 5 for Rob!


Nayani Santallusia
Doing this course is one of the best choices that I have ever made. Rob is, unquestionably, an amazing professional who teaches by using different type of sources, either online ones as ‘Quizlet’, ‘WhatsApp’, materials in the cloud, ‘Skype’ lessons or paper ones, like worksheets, vocabulary games, etc. All of these were really enjoyable – Rob was able to make studying fun, creative and productive. I am glad to have taken these lessons with him. I feel my English is now much better and my self-esteem has improved significantly in terms of using the language.
Luana Partimo
I studied with Rob for almost half a year and in my belief, it is the best thing that could have happened to my English language skills. Being in one of his Quartets, I felt very comfortable and challenged at the same time. He is a very humorous and caring teacher, who takes his time to help his students as best as he possibly can. Not only does he explain, practice and intensively revise during the classes, he also sends individual emails containing more exercises and useful web-links to help out a struggling student. Between classes he sends useful texts that are either interesting, develop something that has been discussed in class or are simply humorous to make someone‘s day brighter. He tries very hard to improve every student’s language skills as much as he can and – speaking for myself – succefully. Spoken as well as Written, my English has got a great deal better and I feel way more comfortable using it. Regarding the Corona crisis, he was very fast at adapting to the new situation. Once it was clear that lessons could no longer be held face-to-face, he switched to Skype without missing a single class. By using subtitles, the chat and other online tools, he still managed to keep his classes effective. Rob seems to put his whole heart into teaching, genuinely cares about his students and therefore there is honestly nothing I could criticize about his classes.
Tereza Podolska
I studied Quartet classes from September 2019 to March 2020. Rob is an amazing teacher and the classes were always fun and interactive. As there were only 4 of us in the group Rob always had enough time to focus on all of us individually. I really enjoyed how up to date the lessons were and on top of improving my English immensely I’ve learnt so many new interesting phrases and slang each lesson, that truly help when speaking to and understanding native English speakers. The use of technology such as WhatsApp, Quizlet, and more, was also really helpful. Due to the coronavirus outbreak we had to switch to online Skype lessons which were just as good, fun and interactive as the face-to-face lessons. I’m so happy to have chosen Rob as my English teacher and I highly recommend his lessons!
Estelle Handrieu
I did 2 semesters (Sept 2019-March 2020) with Rob at ELT – English Language Training. It was great! The last two weeks were online due to coronavirus, but it was as good as in class. I experienced both so I can really tell that the online was also good! Rob is well-prepared to teach online. We had a WhatsApp group and we used Quizlet so it’s very helpful to have the technology. Rob is an excellent teacher (the best one I’ve had so far), he’s so cheerful and can be quite funny so the lessons were always enjoyable. I really feel like my English has improved a lot. I feel way more comfortable with the grammar now and we also learned a lot of vocabulary and we did some exercises to get ready for the Cambridge Certificate Exam. So thank you again Rob – I will miss the lessons with you!
A Quartet course is the perfect way to learn proper English. Rob is a great teacher, because he doesn’t only use the book. He uses fun activities as well as clear explanations of everything, which is necessary to get used to real British English.
Sophie LehnerUpper Intermediate Quartet
What I really liked was the way Rob always encouraged us to make the language we learned real. And because it was such a small group we got plenty of individual practice.
Magdalena AngloherUpper Intermediate Quartet
It was a great course, and Rob is an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed using Quizlet for vocabulary, and the worksheets he gave us every week were really good for my grammar.
Joy MoisyUpper Intermediate Quartet
Rob is an amazing teacher, I learnt a lot with him during my 3 months in his class, and wish I could have had more courses with him. He is funny and will help you to learn English and once you manage with the basics, to go further in your understanding of the English language. Highly recommended !
Cristina Hernandez Campa30 July 2017
I studied at ELT from January to May 2016. I liked the school, the teachers and the way in which they taught. When the school closed I decided to attend Quartet classes with Rob. That was even better as I got more attention and I could focus on those areas which I really needed. Rob’s methodology is very dynamic and focuses on the why, how and when rather than a mechanical and grammatical one. Moreover, we worked very hard on my CV presentation and cover letter, which helped me to find a new job in a good school.
Mandy Aracama23 June 2017
I’m really satisfied with the course – my English has improved a lot, and also I passed the Cambridge exam which was my goal from the beginning. The groups are just 4 people so you are always involved, the teacher adapts to what you need/want to learn and focuses on your weaknesses. Mine, like every Spanish student, was pronunciation and thanks to many exercises, Rob managed to help me a lot. I’m really grateful and am going do another Quartet course next term!